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Western Brook Pond Overnight

Enjoy a night in the true backcountry.

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Per person. Plus Tax.

Full Description

We begin the first day by meeting at the Out East Adventure Centre at 9am for orientation and to pack lunches. Before setting off, your guide does a final equipment and supply check with everyone, as well as providing a brief overview of the expected conditions for the tour.

In addition to anything you wish to bring yourself, everyone is assigned a portion of the group gear. Typically this consists of a small package of food, a tent, or a sleeping bag; Altogether no more than about 10lbs(5kg) of equipment.

This tour follows the same route as our day tour. we'll wander through some of the most pristine wilderness in the world, many times it might not seem like we're on a trail at all as we walk along river beds, through forest and meadows and rest under towering rocks and near beautiful waterfalls.

Once we get to the viewpoint, we find our campsite nestled amongst the rocks. We take a break here and set up our tents and make ourselves at home. From here we have the option of continuing the hike even further by exploring the top of the valley, accessing several vantage points to take in the stunning valley below us, as well as the rolling hills of the Long Range mountains all around.

After a quick dip in an inviting pool, we enjoy a delicious dinner as the sun begins to set over the steep cliffs in the distance.

The next morning begins with the scent of hot coffee mixing with those of breakfast being cooked. We take an easy morning, enjoying the morning light shining off the surrounding cliffs before packing up camp. After one last look at the fjord, we descend back down into the trees.

We aim to return to the parking lot around 1-2 PM, however the actual time can vary as it is dependent on the speed of the group and the conditions for that day.

Trail Details






12 + 6km


2 Days

What to Bring

Sturdy Hiking Boots
Rain Gear
Active Clothing (no cotton!)
1-2 Liters of Water
Park Pass
Bug Repellent


Experienced Guide
Shuttle Transfer across Western Brook Pond
4 Meals (2 Lunches, Dinner and Breakfast)
Use of all camping equipment


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Meeting Location

12 West Link Rd, Rocky Harbour, NL A0K 4N0, Canada

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