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Long Range Traverse

An expedition through a land as pristine as it is remote.


Per person. Plus Tax.

Full Description

The Long Range Traverse is an adventure through the back woods of Gros Morne National park. With criss-crossing caribou leads and winding paths through thick brush this traverse is a challenge to navigate. This hike has been ranked by National Geographic® as one of the top hikes in the world, and once you first climb atop the plateau and take in the stunning vista below, it's not hard to see why. Experience for yourself breathtaking vistas and wandering caribou trails. We'll take you through the backyard of one of the most majestic National Parks in Canada.

Sample Itinerary (4 day)

Evening before Day 1
The trip begins at 6pm at the Out east Adventure Centre, where we spend the evening reviewing the overall plan for the trip, where we answer any questions and distribute group gear.

Day 1
We leave the adventure centre at 8:00am and drive to Western Brook Pond. After a short 3km hike along an easy trail and a shuttle boat to the end of the fjord, we begin the ascent. Hiking through picturesque boreal forest we eventually climb 5km to the top of the gorge and camp on top of the Long Range plateau. We enjoy a delicious backpacking meal overlooking one of the most beautiful vistas in eastern North America. It's a tough day, but worth every minute.

Day 2
We take up our backpacks after breakfast and start the trek across the top of the plateau that make up the Long Range mountains. Here we'll discover a new meaning of wet feet as we make our way through all sorts of terrain, including a river crossing. We climb up and over another hill before finding our campsite.

Day 3
Today we begin the second half of our journey through the land that time forgot. We travel over hills and through valleys, following the trails of the moose and caribou until coming atop a crest overlooking the spectacular ten mile pond. Weather and time permitting, we may have a chance to take a short side hike to the vista of Baker's Brook gorge.

Day 4
As all good things must come to an end, our trek begins to wind down with a steep descent into Ferry gulch, an ancient valley carved by the passing of glaciers long ago. From here we make our way along the gros morne mountain trail, finally finishing at the trail head in the afternoon. A quick drive later and we'll be back at our centre, cool beverage in hand and ready to unwind.

Trail Details








3-5 Days

What to Bring

Sturdy Hiking Boots
Rain Gear
Active Clothing (no cotton!)
Backpack (55+ Litre)
Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Mat
Water Bottle


Experienced guide
Shuttle to/from your accommodation within GMNP
Western Brook Pond Shuttle crossing
Backcountry Park Pass
All meals
Use of camping equipment
Airport Shuttle on request


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Meeting Location

12 West Link Rd, Rocky Harbour, NL A0K 4N0, Canada

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